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North America TEN Summer 2021 Dizi Roundup

We bid goodbye to Cukur, Hercai, Ramo, ARiza, Dogdugun Ev Kaderinder, Kuzey Yildizi: Ilk Ask, Payitaht Abdulhamid, Hekimoglu, Akinci, Seni Cok Bekledim and Alev Alev.

You will be able to continue enjoying Sadakatsiz, Kirmizi Oda, Hukumsuz, the long running Bir Zamanlar Cukurova and Yasak Elma, the daily series Emanet, as well as more recent series Uyanis: Buyuk Selcuk, Marasli, Masumlar Apartmani, Son Yaz, Sen Cal Kapimi, Kurulus Osman, Kefaret and Mucize Doctor which will continue to their conclusion or have been renewed for another season. In addition, there are several new Summer shows and shows that have already premiered in the months of March and April.

Coming to Show TV

Kahraman Babam formerly named Kirmizi Kamyon

Genre: Drama

Wednesday nights at 8 pm Turkey time

(The first episode of this series aired in March 2021, however, the decision has been made to put the series on hold for the Summer season. The remainder of the series will commence in the first week of June)

The series covers the lives of heroic firefighters, features names such as Görkem Sevindik (Soz, Ramo), Ushan Cakir, Deniz Hamzaoglu, Asli Orcan, Burak Berkay Akgül. … Kırmızı Kamyon (The Red Truck) blends firefighters’ challenging lives, dangerous adventures and interconnected bonds with drama and action. The action-packed series follows the emotional story of Ugur (Görkem Sevindik), who lost his wife in a tragic fire and continues his struggle to be reunited with his daughter played by Ebrar Demirbilek (Hercai).

Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceilings)

Genre: Drama

The series will star Kubilay Aka who is currently in Çukur. The series is written by Meriç Acemi, who wrote Kiralik Ask, Ufak Tefek Cinayetler (Small Murders) and Aşk 101. The series will also feature Bensu Soral who last appeared in the movie Organize Isler Sazan Sarmali.

The talented young director Fehmi Öztürk, will direct the series, which will be produced by OJO Pictures. The series centers around Aka’s character who is the owner of a restaurant chain. Soral plays Leyla who is in competition with Aka but as fate would have it, competition turns to passionate love. The subtext of the series is around the glass ceiling women face in the workplace.

Coming to Star TV

Alp Navruz

Bir Ada Masali (An Island Tale)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

The series which will be filmed in Izmir, features Alp Navruz who starred in series such as Fazilet Hanım ve Kizlar, Elimi Birakma, and Zümrüdüanka. He plays the role of Deniz, and currently in the running to play the character of Derya, his love interest are Ayça Ayşin Turan, Pınar Deniz and Aybüke Pusat. In the director’s chair is Ali Bilgin known for Menajerami Ara, Ufak Tefek Cinayetlar and Cesur ve Guzel and writing the screenplay is Yelda Eroğlu. The series is produced by Ay Yapim.

Sude Zulal Guler and Umit Kantarcilar

Kazara Ask (Accidental Love)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Kazara Ask is the story of two young people who turn a new page in their lives after an accidental encounter, told in a humorous way. This family comedy features Ümit Kantarcılar (Vuslat) and Sude Zülal Güler (Muhtesem Yuziyl: Kosem). The script is written by Bekir Baran Sıtkı (Zalim Istanbul) and Rana Mamatlıoğlu (Masumlar Apartmani) and produced by Koliba Film / Ata Türkoğlu and directed by Sadullah Celen.

Coming to Kanal D

Kadir Dogulu & Serra Ariturk

Askim Tarifi (Love Recipe)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

The series will center around the food culture and will feature Kadir Doğulu in the leading role. Dogulu who has been on hiatus since his appearance in Vuslat, will play the role of Firat Karasu, a French cuisine master Chef. Food lovers take note! The series is said to feature a new and special recipe in each episode. Also starring in the series are Yasemin Conka, who will play the character of Fırat’s aunt, Sultan and Cem Davran, from the Yarim Kalar Asklar will also play a leading role and Serra Ariturk as co-lead.

Cemre Baysal and Aytac Sasmaz

Baht Oyunu

Genre: Drama

This series is produced by ARC Film and directed by Serda Gözelekli and Fatih Enes Omeroglu. Altan Erkekli from Afili Ask has been cast, and in the leading roles are Aytac Sasmaz and Cemre Baysal (Ramo, Sol Yanim). The series is expected to air in June although the topic has not yet been revealed.

Umit Acar & Wilma Elles


Genre: Drama

Starring Ümit Acar, Wilma Elles, Ayberk Yılmaz, Selahattin Taşdöğen, Mazhar Selçuk Alaca and Cahit Kaşıkçılar, Girift will be broadcast free of charge only on Kanal D Digital platforms. Girift will soon be available on kanald.com.tr, Kanal D mobile applications and Kanal D YouTube channel.

Coming to ATV

Bas Belasi (Troublemaker)


The series is produced by ARC Film and will be directed by Murat Onbul, known for Vuslat. The actors are currently under consideration and none have been named yet.

Yağmur Tanrısevsin and Gökhan Alkan

Kalp Yarasi (Heartbreak)

Genre: Drama

The series which will be filmed in Antakya is written by Sema Erol (Hercai, Sen Anlat Karadeniz), and Mahir Erol ( Hercai, Aci Ask), and produced by Sürç Film. Kalp Yarasi is based on the life story of the famous director and producer Tomris Giritlioğlu. The series is directed by Yıldız Hülya Bilban (Sultan) and will star Gökhan Alkan (Kalp Atisi) and Yağmur Tanrısevsin (Adini Feriha Koydum).

Coming to Fox TV

Burcu Ozberk & Burak Yoruk

Cunning Single Lady

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Fox TV’s remake of the Korean romantic comedy Cunning Single Lady about a divorce couple who rekindle their romance is in the making. The series will feature Burcu Ozberk from Afili Ask and Burak Yoruk from Baraj. The series will be produced by Medyapim.

Recent New Series

Yesilcem on BluTV

This 10 episode series on digital stream platform BluTV features Cagatay Ulusoy as Semih Ateş, a film producer around whose life the story focuses. The series recounts the story of the golden age of Cinema of Turkey, also known as Yeşilçam, the Turkish film art and industry. The period drama series also showcases the Turkey of the 1960s.  

All episodes are available on BluTV in Turkish for a monthly fee.

Bir Zamanlar Kibris on TRT1

Thursdays at 8 PM Turkey time

The historical drama series is based on real events that took place in December 1963 and centers around the conflict between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots and what is known in Turkey as Bloody Christmas. The series also depicts attacks carried out on Turkish Cypriots and focuses on the activities of the Greek Cypriot nationalist group EOKA-B. The series begins with the island-wide violence that led to the civil war between Turkish and Greek Cypriots that ended in 1974.

The series follows the story of the Dereli family, a family of gum merchants who live joyful lives in the idyllic geography of the island. The family is attacked like other Turkish families with the onset of what is known as Bloody Christmas. As family members are separated from each other and driven out of their towns known as forced migration, Kemal Dereli, the head of the family, becomes the leader of thousands of Turks on the migration route. This period drama features Ahmet Kural, Pelin Karahan (Muhtesim Yuzcel) and Serkan Cayoglu (Yeni Hayat).

Teskilat (The Agency) on TRT1

Sundays at 8:00 pm Turkey Time

The series is an action drama series centering Turkey’s National Intelligence Service. It tells the story of a special Ops covert unit with agents whose identity is secret. This team, led by experienced intelligence officer Mete Bey (Mesut Akusta), is scheduled to carry out many covert operations at home and abroad; in order for these operations to reach the target and be effective, team members are obliged to be known on paper and “officially” dead… Each member has a mystery about their past and family which comes to light as the series progresses. The series also features Caglar Ertugrul (Afili Ask).

Kardeslerim (The Siblings) on ATV

Saturdays at 8 pm Turkey time

Kadir, Omar, Asiye and Emel are four close knit siblings. They are orphaned as a result of a series of unfortunate events. There’s nothing in the whole world they can do anymore but hold on to each other. Until the doors of the college which caused the events, opens for them and changes their lives forever. The series features Celil Nalcakan as the owner of the college. Nalcakan is known for his role in Kirmizi Oda.

Camdaki Kiz (The Girl in the Window) on Kanal D

Thursdays at 8 pm Turkey time

This psychological drama, starring Burcu Biricik (Kirmizi Oda, Kuzgun), is based on Gülseren Budayicioglu’s novel with the same title and is based on the story of a real couple.

Nalan is a beautiful young woman, the only child of a wealthy family and a graduate of Turkey’s best schools. Nalan suddenly finds herself on the eve of her marriage to Sedat Koroglu while working as an architect for Koroglu, Turkey’s largest hotel chain. Although Nalan and Sedat begin their journey with hope, thinking that they have moved away from the dark hidden secrets in their past; soon their lives will sink into real darkness.

Kagit Ev (Paper House) on Star TV

Mondays at 8 pm Turkey time

Cihan and Aylin along with their son Mert, eldest daughter Cemre and young daughter Melisa are the envy of their friends and neighbors. They have good careers, a beautiful home and comfortable lives… In short, they are the perfect family. But their perfect life is shattered by one misunderstanding and they have to risk everything to protect both their children and their families.

Compilation done by North America TEN

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The series will be produced by NGM Media, which has produced successful series such as Sefirin Kızı and Kardeş Güvenlik and will be directed by Emre Kabakuşak (Sefirin Kizi, Sen Anlat Karadeniz). The screenplay of the series will be written by Gül Abus Semerci who has written for the popular series Kardeslerim and the movie Seni Seviyorum Adamim.

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